Saratoga Invitational Aprill 29 & 30 

NYS High School Champs May 13 & 14


Program Sponsors

Approximate Pricing

  Young Athletes 

Saratoga LTR           $250

Youth Sculling          $240

Junior Competitive

Spring                     $640

Summer                  $245

Fall                          $425

Travel          see regattas

   Adult Rowing

Masters Winter      $120

Masters Spring       $150

Masters Summer    $325

Masters Fall           $180

Bean's Babes    /Session

6 week LTR            $200


4 week indoor         N/A

5 week outdoor       N/A


Saratoga Rowing for All


Contact Christopher Meyer for more info regarding Saratoga Rowing for All.   

What is Adaptive Rowing?

 SRA Adaptive Rowers race at the Head of the Fish!  Click HERE for the story and video