SRA is pleased to offer several programs structured to meet the differing goals and schedules of the adult rowing community.  Whether you are training to win a national championship, rowing for fitness only, just enjoy getting on the water occasionally there is an SRA program that should meet your needs.  90% of the adult rowers on the team did not start rowing in high school or college.  They started as adults (many after their children started). 

There are 3 seasons of outdoor rowing: Spring, Summer, and Fall (9 or 10 week sessions).

There are 3 sessions of indoor rowing: Pre-Christmas, New Year - Feb Break, Feb Break - Apr. (6 week sessions)

Babes and Dudes with Blades:  Named after the area’s popular skiing outings “Chicks on Sticks,” the Babes (and Dudes) with Blades gives the beginning- and intermediate-level rower instruction and opportunities to row single and double sculling boats in small groups.  The cost of each session is based on the number of participants.  The sessions are usually held during weekdays and times vary depending on the coach’s and participants’ availability.  Pay only for the sessions you attend.

SRA Indoor Masters: 6 week blocks of indoor training on the ergometers and with weights and body circuits.  Expereinced and novice train together in these 90 minute blocks.

SRA General Masters:  The SRA General Masters program is open to adults 26 years and older and is designed to accomodate the new athlete along with those who are not interested in regular competition.  This is offered in a low-stress and educational environment.  The season may culminate in optional novice racing opportunities depending on interest.

SRA Competitive Masters:  Masters Competitive sessions offer the experienced rower an opportunity to develop rowing fitness and racing techniques in both sculling and sweep boats.  Sessions are focused on competition preparation.  Most participants compete in a few regattas throughout the season.  Attendance in these sessions is based on a rower’s skill and fitness level and subject to the coach’s discretion.

Masters “Scull Alone” Certification:  Any SRA member enrolled in the Masters program may earn his or her “Scull Alone” certification by demonstrating an aptitude for rowing a single, passing a flip test and paying a small additional fee.  This certification allows the rower to use an SRA recreational single without a coach and during the club’s open hours

Adult Learn To Row:  This 6 week session in July and runs into August.  You must be 22 years of age or older to join.  There are 2 Sessions each week at 6 pm.  Please note that a Temporary Membership is required for this camp.