Babes (and Dudes) with Blades

If you have always wanted to try rowing, or have rowed and can’t fit a set schedule into your routine, come join our group of men and women learning to scull in single or double rowing shells.

Our program gives you a full body, low impact workout while enjoying rowing on beautiful Fish Creek.  Private and semi-private lessons are available at the Saratoga Rowing Association Boathouse, May-October.

After mastering the stroke in a recreational shell, the rower can join a group session with other adult rowers for an hour of…. just getting on the water and practicing what you have learned.

The Babes and Dudes row in recreational shells, racing singles and doubles. These sessions are held early in the morning, midday and evenings. Pay only for the sessions you can make. (always with a coach)

Membership at SRA is $60 annually. Call for more info on lessons and rates.