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Directions to Head of the Fish Venue at Lee's Park - please use 1464 Rt 9p  Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Maps of Lee's Park Regatta Venue for Large Regattas

 Map for all vehicles & Parking Rules.  New 2016 NO DROP OFF ZONES.  NO DROP OFFS from Cars at Venue.




Map of Head of the Fish Race Course








 Head Race Start Traffic Pattern


It seems that the Head of the Fish is a popular choice this year.  We were about 1100 entries on this date last year, and we are almost 2100 today.  This means we all have to be at our best to utilize the sunlight, docks, space, goodwill, etc. to their fullest.  We cannot control the weather, but we can certainly plan for the challenge of racing 2100+ boats over 2 days at the end of October.  Over the years, we have not gotten overly crazy with stuffy rules and procedures.  We’ve tried to use common sense and be practical wherever possible.  We’ve also made every effort to get each of your teams, and all their entries in – thereby making this regatta, massive.  We’ll need your help to pull this huge regatta off, and hope that you do your part. 

Entries:  The Entry window is closed.  

Scratches/dates:  We are at a scratch-only stage at this point.  For those of you who have scratches to make; you have until Sunday at midnight to scratch without penalty.   On Monday, October 26th, I will post the draw.  At that point, any scratch made will incur a $25 scratch fee, on top of the non-refundable Entry Fee.   Please review your entries and make sure they are exactly what you wanted.

Trailers:  The most limiting factor (besides # of sunlit minutes) is trailer spaces.  If you have boats entered on both days, you will definitely be parked at Lee’s Park.  If you are only rowing on Saturday (or) on Sunday, you will most likely be parked on the NYS Boat Launch.  This means that on Saturday night, I’ll need to get the 46 Collegiate/Masters trailers out by 6:30pm so that the 46 HS-only trailers can park before 11pm.  Space is a premium.  Rigged boats should go back onto the trailer wherever/whenever possible.  Leaving the boats all over the ground so that the athletes can use the trailer as a clubhouse is unacceptable.  On the Boat Launch, there are distinct boxes spray-painted as to identify the space allotted each trailer.  I’ll also have extra A-frame racks available for the bigger teams to put excess boats on.   Trailers will need to be in the lot by midnight Friday night, for Saturday’s racing.  Trailers for Sunday may not arrive until Saturday evening at 6:30pm, and must be in before midnight as well.  Please head to the Wilton Mall off Exit 15 for a massive parking lot to hang out if you are early either day.  Lastly, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, please carpool with nearby teams.   If you can help with this, thanks in advance.

Tow Vehicles:  Obviously, there will not be room for 46 tow vehicles in the Trailer-area.  The road that runs along the chain-link fence between Lee’s Park & the Boat Launch is reserved for tow vehicles.  As you arrive, you will receive a pass to put in your truck.  This pass is ONLY valid for your tow vehicle.  Abusing this, could impact you being invited back next year.  Please put your tools, etc. with the trailer when you park it.  As a coach, I know this is an inconvenience, and I am sorry.  It is necessary though.  Please do not make me chase you around to move your truck.  We have security for both nights.  Your stuff will be safe.

Event Caps:  We used last year’s entries as a starting point.  From there, we simply added additional spaces to the more popular events.  

Seeding:  The top 5 will be seeded in their order from the 2014 results.  “A”s will be with “A”s, “B”s with “B”s, etc.  Where possible, we will try to seed out to the 10th place from 2014.  No promises.  [It takes forever.]

Map links:  You will find several maps here (race course, venue, food tents when they are done, etc.)   The “Coxswain Notes” – to be mailed out soon - will have a complete set of pictures along the course, to give you visuals of major points along the river.

Fish Head Awards:  Will be awarded in any event that has at least 5 entries.  They are made by Coach Alida.   She has been making them for months.  It takes roughly 6 hours to make 1 Fish Head. 

Medals:  Gold, Silver, Bronze will be awarded in all events.  Furthermore, if there are at least 4 “B” boats, GSB will be awarded in that sub-category.  Same for “C” boats, “D” boats, and so on.  Your fastest boat is your team’s “A” boat, next fastest is “B” boat, and so on.

Weigh-Ins:  We reserve the right to weigh in any/all medal winners.  This would happen at the Regatta Director’s trailer, if it does.  Rowers are expected to be at weight.  It is not the boat average, rather the individuals’ weight.

 Head of the Fish Category Rules:

'Modified' = Middle School and means 6th, 7th and 8th grade years of grade school

'Novice' means first year of rowing (meaning they started rowing after January 1, 2015).  The definition is very simple and based upon a set date.  It is not your assessment of your athletes and whether or not YOU consider them to be of Varsity “quality”.  IF, a rower rowed before January 1st, ROWED not RACED, they are NOT a Novice rower at the Head of the Fish.  This rule is non-negotiable.  Please do not unfairly impact the athletes of the 197 other teams in order to win medals in a silly event. 

'Freshmen' means in the 9th grade year (or younger) of high school (regardless of experience - could have been rowing since 7th grade)

'2nd, 3rd, 4th Varsity" are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fastest eights on your team (i.e. you cannot enter the second varsity event unless you enter the varsity event with a faster boat...and you cannot enter the 3V unless you have a faster crew in the 1V and 2V events. Refers to the speed of your boats.

Recreational Boats: are considered to be those boats shorter than 26 feet



A security company is employed for the Head of the Fish.
The Security will not allow anyone onsite until the Parking guys are there.  There will parking guys there at 5:30am.  Parking is $15.  The property is private and the fee goes to the owners.  Traffic will likely be backed up in the morning to the Northway Exit 14.  Be aware of this delay.  Most of you come every year, so will not be surprised I'm sure.  Please notice the map: Vehicles (other than buses and Boat Trailers) will go PAST the Boat Launch opening and turn left immediately after the blue building.   It is a one-way entrance.  Park where you are told.  I will have a tow truck there to TOW anyone who attempts to sneak down and park closer to the water.  Every year I waste time/energy/stress on these people.  Please let your people know they cannot park by the water. 
Food Tents/Trailers:
Teams that have signed up for Food Tents will be assigned tent spaces.  These spaces are spray-painted in yellow/orange.  Everything inside the box is yours, you may NOT have anything outside the box.  Food Trailers are included in this.  On the venue map, you will see spots to park emptied food trailers along the woods line.  NO, absolutely NO vehicles can be near waterfront.  Coaches, PLEASE make this clear to your parents.  Teams will need to bring their own hay if they want it.  There are 10 dumpsters onsite.  Please may sure your trash finds one of them.  Thanks in advance.  Food tents on Saturday need to be out by 5pm, so that Sunday teams can get in and set their tents up.  Thanks for the cooperation in advance.
Buses enter the site through the traditional entrance. They will travel back to the old "back trailer lot" and around up to the ditch (where the porto potties are).  Drop-Off is there.  They can then follow the road back out of the site.  Most buses choose not to stay as either they don't have the hours to be on-the-clock, or they hate they thought of getting their buses stuck, or worse, dirty.  Those that choose to stay, can in the designated area.  Those that want to go nearby, can go to the Racino: .  Directions are on that link.  It's about 3 miles away.  There is a black-topped parking lot along Nelson Ave that can hold many buses.  I think many of the drivers already spend their downtime here already.  Pickup is the same scenario for traffic pattern.
Coxswains/Coaches' Mtg
Will be held on the Boat Launch in front of the Official's Camper at 6:30am each morning.  PLEASE notify this camper of any Scratch ahead of time.  This will help Timing out immensely.
Those wanting to practice on Friday of the Head of the Fish may do so from the Boat Launch.  There is a fee for parking there.  Saturday, there will be no daylight for you to practice once the race has ended and you are prohibited from practicing on the Creek during the race.  
Dress warmly!