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Directions to Head of the Fish Venue at Lee's Park - please use 1464 Rt 9p  Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Maps of Lee's Park Regatta Venue for Large Regattas

 Map for all vehicles & Parking Rules.  NOTE: NO DROP OFFS from Cars at Venue.  See Spectator/FoodTent/Team Logistics 





Map of Head of the Fish Race Course












 Head Race Start Traffic Pattern


September 1st has come & gone, and that means Head Racing season has begun.  This email is to let you know that registration for the Tail of the Fish and the Head of the Fish has opened and is going strong.  Here are some items for you to read before you enter any boats:
[1a] The Tail of the Fish is September 30th.  It is one day, and ends around 4:00 pm.  The only change to it, is the addition of Junior Coxed Quads.  This will allow teams the chance to get ready for this new event at the Head of the Charles.  The entire race will be hosted on the NYS Boat launch (center lot)
[1b] The Head of the Fish is the last weekend of October.  Masters-Open-Collegiate will race on Saturday.  HS/Clubs will race on Sunday.  Very little has changed from last year.  
[1] We maxed out the entries last year for the Head of the Fish. With over 2100 entries, we used every bit of available sunlight.  This year, each event has a cap on it.  This initial cap was determined by last year's entry into that event.  We rounded up, or down, where needed. Should an event become suddenly popular, we will allow it to grow, but at the same time removing slots from another event that isn't as popular. We will NOT go beyond the overall entry caps on the days.  For our Head Races, we use a formula that allots for the time it takes for boats to pass through the Starting Line. This formula adjusts for level of crew and size of the boats in the Event.  In order to make every effort to give your athletes a positive experience, we will not be growing the Regatta any larger than it is now.
[2] The good news is, the Schedule will be almost exactly as last year.  Some events may grow a little, while some shrink a little, but there will be minimal changes in times.  Registration will happen on as it was last year.  The order of events is correct for 2016.  While the time is off a little for Saturday, we will adjust it to something very similar to last year, once all entries are in.  Using last year's actual schedule should be a huge help when determining what to enter.  Quick Rule of Thumb:  Minimum 40 minutes between re-rows of athletes/equipment.  An hour would be better.
[4] Susan has returned!!  Just like "Winter is Coming", Susan is back (but not as scary - or maybe more).  If you have any issues with your invoices, bus passes, food tent sites, etc..... Susan is the person to contact; at the numbers/address above.
[5] When you enter that you are bringing a trailer, please only do so if you are actually driving it.  Not if you are on someone else's.  Thanks in advance.  It is important that I know what to expect for trailers.  With Saturday trailers leaving, and having to replace them, all within a few hours, having a strict accounting of how many trailers to expect is important.
[6] Basic Rules:
  • Novice: Any athlete that began rowing AFTER January 1st (2017) Very simple rule, so please don't break it.  What you think is 'fair' to your athletes is not fair to the rest of the event.
  • Junior:  Any athlete STILL attending HS classes at a HS (public, private, religious, home-school)
  • Middle School/"modified":  Any athlete in 8th grade or younger.
  • Freshman: Any athlete in 9th grade or younger.
  • Handicaps:  We handicap all Masters Events.  You must put your name/age(s) in or we will give you the youngest age applicable in the category.
  • Weight classes:  Men - HS 155lb//Open 165lbs & Women - 135lbs.  This accounts for "winter weight".  No averaging.  We reserve the right to weigh-in all medal winners.  If you enter athletes too large for the event, you will be stripped of the results (on top of you not being a good person).
 [7] Coxswain & Coaches' Meeting:  Each morning at 6:30 am.  Coxswain packet is located here on the website.  Anyone who chooses NOT to join us at the Coxswains' Meeting is still responsible for the information given out there.  Please at least read the packet (it has pictures!)  Meeting will take place at the Regatta Camper on the NYS Boat Launch.  Look for the really handsome, aging-gracefully, Regatta Director.
 [8] Bus Passes & Food Tent Sites:  The big change this year is that these passes are now located on the Streamline registration page.  When you register your team, you will see the questions that ask you about each of these items under "My Entries".  It will ask you about Bus Passes Food Tents PER DAY.  If you want one for each day, you will need to register PER DAY (and how many).  Also, If you intend to arrive and use the site on Friday, you will need a Bus Pass(es).  All passes are limited, so please get them as soon as your register.  The Food Tent maps will be posted once the sites fill.  Please note ALL rules concerning them the food tents sites.  We will have a separate area for the chuck wagons/food trailers.
 [9] Cartoppers & Parking:  We have intentionally kept the price for singles lower than any other regatta simply because we do not own the property where you park, and therefore, you will be charged by the owner.  We can't blame the owner, because there are over 200 singles entered, and we can't possibly think he should eat that loss of space.  Therefore, your entry fees are lower, keeping the parking in mind.  My apologies if this is troublesome to anyone.
 [10] Trailers:  Will go where directed.  There is a plan (mostly).  Teams racing on Saturday-only will fill the Boat Launch.  Teams racing both days will be on Lee's Park.  Teams racing Sunday-only will fill the Boat Launch AFTER the Saturday teams have left (by 5:30pm).  Please don't come early, as there is no place to put you.  You'll only clog the roads.  There will be more to come on this later, after everyone has registered their trailers officially on Streamline.
As always, if you have any questions, please call.  518-376-9172
Hope your summer was awesome. Looking forward to seeing you all over the upcoming weekends.
Chris Chase