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Hi Everyone 

   Click here for a stake boat diagram.
  1. All races are 1500m.  We will use the 10 lane race course.  For races that progress to a Championship Final, we will use 9 lanes – the TOP 9 boats from Saturday heats will be in Sunday Finals.  If you do not plan to race the event on Sunday, don’t enter it online.  If you do ‘hope’ to race it on Sunday, you must enter it online.  Only boats entered in the Sunday event will be eligible to race, regardless of Saturday time.  Yes, they may end up on the “Wait List” but that is enough to hold your boat’s spot IF (stress IF) they are fast enough to make the Final.  Don’t assume that if you enter for Saturday, you automatically are entered for Sunday.
  2. Lane 10 is for protest or unique “circumstances”. 
  3. For events that have heats on Saturday, and Finals on Sunday:  some have multiple flights on Sunday.  These will be seeded from Saturday times.  Again, 9 lanes for the “A” Final, and so on. 
  4. Lanes are seeded from one side to the other.  Meaning: we will not begin by seeding the fastest boat in the middle lane and then alternate.  We will go from Lane 1 over, or Lane 10 over.  Wind direction will determine which side the top seed gets.  Regardless, the boat next to you will be the boat whose speed on Saturday was closest to yours.  This assumes no changes in lineups.
  5. Any event held ONLY on Saturday is a Final.  Top 3 times from all Flights earn medals.  Tell your kids to race hard even if they are way out in front of their heat!!
  6. Any event held ONLY on Sunday is a Final.  Top 3 times from all Flights earn medals.  B Flights and C Flights race for time against boats of similar speed. 
  7. Events that are hosted on BOTH days (ie. Varsity events) have their Sunday race worded as “Championship Final”.  These are seeded from Saturday, and awarded medals on Sunday in the A Final. 
  8. Please have all SCRATCHES done ASAP.  The last day you can make changes is Sunday the 12th.  We will be employing scratch fees for teams holding onto boats/lanes too long.  We still have many people on the wait list.  IF you don’t need it, let somebody else race it who does please.  Scratch fees will be paid up front, before you can race.  As I said in a previous email, I would like Teams with B entries in Championship events to give them to teams that have their A entry on the waitlist.  The C entries will be the first to go.
  9. Getting into a stake boat is a PRIORITY.  Please practice this beforehand.   Crews unable to perform this function will hold up the regatta.  We will be as flexible as possible allowing crews to get in, however, we will not hold up the schedule.  There is very little time in the day for catching up. 
  10. Attached, please find the schedule that deals with our current entries.  Doubtful it will change much from this.  The draw will be made once we close entries. 
  11. Information concerning Trailers, Parking Passes, Food Tents, arrival times, etc. was provided in previous emails.  Please make sure you and yours are familiar with all of the details. 
  12. Practice Times:  If anyone would like to practice, you may do so on Friday before the Liberty League Championships which are to be held over the late afternoon hours.  All trailers can arrive after 8:00am (or the night before by 11:00pm).  Teams are free to row on the course until 3:00.  ALL BOATS MUST BE OFF THE WATER BY 3:00!
Regards All