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NYS Collegiate - Welcome!

Hello Coaches

Here is some information for you to as we prepare for this weekend (2016):

[1] Schedule: Please click here.

[2] Trailer Arrivals:  Teams may begin arriving at Noon on Friday.  I'll try to have the boat launch (middle section) cleared out for your arrival.  We will park all trailers on the center portion of the Boat Launch.  A few of you have 1 or 2 boats.  If possible, please find a way to carpool (if boatpool a new word?).  For instance, can D'Youville come with Canisius, and Schenectady CC come with Union?  This would be a big help.  

[3] Practice:  Going out for a practice on Friday is your choice.  The course is set.  The stake boats should be set by then as well.  The row up lane is the open water on the right-hand side of the Lane 1, buoyed, lane.  Any boat heading to the starting line should NEVER be within a fully, buoyed lane.  To keep things safer, Lane 1 can NOT be used for practice.  The SRA will not have launches available for practice.  Our team will be holding practice after 3pm as well.  This means there will be up to 12 launches on the water with our HS team. Last launch for any crew is7:00pm.  Please be off the water by 7:30pm if you choose to practice.

[4] Spectator Parking:  People have choices about where they want to park.  Lee's Park will charge for any vehicle that enters its propertyFriday & Saturday.  Friday is $10 and Saturday $15.  Please note: that is his property, and he does as he chooses.  The SRA gets none of that money.  People can also park on the road.  It is a State Route (9P) and governed by the State Police and Saratoga County Sheriff's Dept.  A parking ticket is around $85, and towing is much more.  People are free to choose.  No matter what, please make sure they do NOT park in the center portion of the boat launch, which is where I will be putting your trailers.  

[5] Buses:  I will be parking as many buses as possible on the property that runs along the boat launch.  We own this property, and will use it to get the athletes as close to the trailers as possible,  Please know that we cannot have your parents parking on here, and get the buses there.  IF they clog up this space, your buses will have to drop and go somewhere else.  

[6] Food Tents:  Will be put along the shoreline immediately on the other side of the chan link fence which separates the Boat Launch from Lee's Park.  Cars are NOT allowed down by the shoreline.  A vehicle can go down and unload, but will squeeze out other people's food tents if they try to stay.  This is the bane of my existence.  Every parent feels entitled to sneak their vehicles as close as possible.  Please ask yours to go where instructed and NOT to be opportunistic by sneaking down closer.

[7] Awards:  There are two trophies that will be awarded this weekened.  For the teams that won them last year, please do return them (hopefully with your name engraved already and polished).  Here is the Points Trophy formula:    

The Sanford Cup Trophy will be awarded to the team that accumulates the most points based on the formula in the table below.

Places         V8               2v8, n8,                          lt8, 2n8, ltn8, 3v8, v4                      lt4, n4                             pair             1x

1                  24               18                                   12                                                       8                                      6                  5

2                  22               16                                   11                                                       6                                      5                  4

3                  20               14                                   10                                                       5                                      4                  3

4                  18               12                                   9                                                          4                                      3                  2

5                  16               10                                   8                                                          3                                      2                  1

6                  15               9                                      7                                                          2                                      1

7                  14               8                                      6

8                  13               7                                      5

9                  12               6                                      4

10               11               5                                      3

11               10               4                                      2                 

12               9                  3                                      1

13               8                                                                             

A last place crew does not score points.

Open 4’s, “B” entries, and alumni crews do not score points.  


[8] The Coaches' & Coxswains' Meeting is at 6:30am, at the Registration Camper in the back of the Boat Launch.  
[9] Coxswains will be weighed in.  Men's Coxie Weight is 120lbs, and Women's is 110lbs.  (minimum of course).  If your coxie is underweight, please bring sand in preparation to sandbag him/her (and plastic bags)





Chris Chase

SRA Regatta Director