Coaches Conference

SAVE THE DATE - 2019 Conference to be Jan 11-13, 2019


Welcome back!!  Hoping you all had a great Fall Season. We've just spent many weeks working on improving the athletes - now its time to give ourselves a chance to keep improving.   As always, we've collected an incredible group of people to present topics.   There are only 150 spots open and the first 150 are in.  We have maxed out for 5 years running!  The cost is $315 per person.  That includes the Conference, AND all food during the Conference (Friday/Saturday dinner, Saturday/Sunday breakfast, and Saturday Lunch).  And, of course, coffee breaks between each presentation.  The presentations are set up to be small groups + presenter.  The size of these presentations (hopefully) encourages the Presenter and the Attendees to interact, ask questions, share thoughts, etc.  When not presenting, our speakers will be attending other topics.  



Date - 

We have incredible Presenters coming in this year, from the US, Canada, Germany, Germany, and Australia.  I was going to write out the Bio’s of all these Coaches, until I realized how crazy it would be to try to sum any of them up in 2-3 sentences.  If you don’t know a name, google them. 


Kris Korzienowski will have 2 presentations. 


  • ·        “Ergs Don’t Float”
  • ·        “Comparing the 4 major Styles of Rowing”
  • ·        Coach Korzienowski will also moderate a Rigging Panel, and sit on the Technique Panel


Larry Gluckman will present on two topics: 

  • ·        “Utilizing the Erg to Improve Technique”
  • ·        “Sculling Technique”
  • ·         In addition, Larry will sit on the Rigging & Technique Panels   


Drew Ginn will be joining us all the way from Australia.  He will present on two topics:

  • ·        “From Elite Athlete to Coaching Juniors lessons learned(ing)
  • ·        “Sweep Technique”
  • ·       
  • ·        Drew will also give Saturday Night’s Key Note “Does It Make the Boat Go Faster?” and sit on the Technique Panel


Alan Bennett is our second Australian import (he’s actual a former British NTer).  AB most recently coached his W1x from Singapore to Rio, but his main job is Coaching Education in Australia where he leads from New South Wales.  AB will present on two topics:

  • ·        “Mentoring Young Coaches”
  • ·        “Australian Junior Rowing (comparing it to the US)  


Christine Wilson will be joining us after guiding the Oxford Crew for the past few years (and winning impressively while there) present on two topics: 

  • ·        “Sweep Technique”
  • ·        “Choosing the Right Oars For Your Team”  
  • ·        In addition, Coach Wilson will sit on the Rigging & Technique Panels 


Steve Hargis will join us as he always does in January.  Coach Hargis is the Head Coach of the Junior National Team. Coach Hargis will give us the update on the past year’s amazing JNT results, and what to look for coming up in 2017.  He will also present on “Long Term Athlete Development”.  With more and more young athletes rowing, it’s time to start formulating a plan on how best to safeguard the health of our youngest rowers.


Eric Catalano will present on the topic of Lifelong Learning

  • ·        “Coaching Excellence: Trying to Constantly Improve”
  • ·       


Ethan Curren will present on various stages of the athletes.  Ethan is currently the Head Coach of the USJNT Development Camp

  • ·        "How to Coach the Novice Rower" (this one is pretty awesome for sure)
  • ·        “How to Coach the Intermediate Rowing”
  • ·       


Marc Nowak is the USNT Trainer.  He may be the single, most important Speaker to see this weekend.  Marc will present on the topics of Athlete Health

  • ·        “Common Rowing Injuries & Prevention” & “Athlete Screening”
  • ·       

We have a special series for this year's conference.  We are calling it the Blueprint section.  Over the past couple of years, some teams, some teams have stood out from the pack (in the US and Internationally).  It begs the question "Why?"  How did they do it every year?  What makes them different?  How did they build these juggernauts?  So, here's your chance to see how they built it, and ask questions.   We've gotten some top rowing areas covered this year. 

  • · Cincinnati Juniors [Greg Hull & Andy Piepmeier]  They will also do “Sweep Technique-Cincy Style”
  • · Sarasota Crew [Casey Galvanek]
  • · Australia Junior Rowing [AB Bennett]
  • · German Junior Rowing [ Gunter Beutter]
  • · Y-Quad Cities

We also have some extremely hands/on, practical sessions:


Bill Manning will present a "Three Points For Efficient Rowing (Erg)"   Coach Manning is so thorough, and his explanations, use of language to illustrate so well done, it’s tough not sit in here.  Bill will also do a presentation on 

  • ·        "The Recruiting Process For Juniors".  


Valeria Godspodin will run young coaches through a session called "Creating a Training Program - Basics for Beginners".  This is an excellent place for young coaches.  They will have calendars there, and actually begin building a periodization program.  Valeria has extensive experience, and great stories from her younger years as an Elite athlete in Eastern Europe.  She even brings her training logs from the training days.  Pretty cool.  Coach Godspodin will also present on “Coaching Methodology”


Kate Apfelbaum will join us after coxing in England for the past few years.  Her involvement with the Boat Race helped make her an amazing coxswain in her own right.  She is here to share the secrets.

  • ·        "Creating Awesome Coxswains".  


Marc Grinberg will be joining us for the first time.  Mark’s crews have performed consistently well.  He is a wiz with technique.

  • ·        "Using Technology to Make Your Crews Faster". 
  • ·        “Coaching the Catch”  


Last, but definitely not least, Casey Galvanek will be back with his devlish good looks and quick wit.  Coach Galvanek is the Men’s JNT Coach.  His M4x earned a Silver this year at Worlds.  Casey's topics are:

  • ·        "Setting Up Your Boat”
  • ·        “The 2016 M4x at Worlds”
  • ·       


Panel Talks:   

  • ·      Rigging   
  • ·      Technique   

Key Note:   

  • ·      “Working With the Adolescent Brain” – Michael Nerney (Friday night) 
  • ·      “JNT Year in Review” – Coach Hargis (Saturday after Dinner) 
  • ·      “Does It Make the Boat Go Faster?” (Saturday after JNT Review)
  • ·      Awards – Saturday Night (last)

This Conference aims to provide insights on how to become better coaches.   MEALS INCLUDED!