2013 Volunteer Assignments
Eileen Albright Awards and Medals
Colette Blackington Awards and Medals
Janet Casey Awards and Medals
lynn Awards and Medals
Kristina Delbridge Awards and Medals
Laura DiRado Awards and Medals
Gillian murphy Awards and Medals
Kathleen Quinn Awards and Medals
Caroline Sharpe Awards and Medals








Saratoga Rowing Association

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Volunteer Opportunities - Regattas

Safety Launch Crew   Contact: Dan Hegener

We need many volunteers for 1-2 people each for ~10 boats per regatta.  Safety launches are located throughout the course and follow (chase) races in the spring, prepared to rescue/assist rowers in need.  Boat driving experience is valuable, but we need some riders too.  We are always looking for boat owners willing to work with their boats.  VERY helpful.  (On water)

Marshaling Start Line   Crew Chief: Bill deVries

Staff three launches organizing rowers at the start of races. Boat driving experience is valuable but NOT necessary; we need many assistant riders for this job.  Great view of the rowers as they prepare to start the race!  (On water) 

Timing Staff   Crew Chief: Susan Pruiksma

Several types of jobs within the Timing setting allow for people with different interests and skill sets.  General skills should include an ability to focus despite distractions, good attention to detail and good eye, ear, hand coordination.  Jobs include running a stopwatch, spotting boats with binoculars, marking boats as they cross the finish in a loud and concise voice, recording bow numbers as they cross start/finish, waving a flag, running a camera, computer data entry, and posting results. Timing is an essential part of running a regatta and we get it done with precision...and with a few laughs and good food along the way!  (SRA side)

Docks   Contact: Janet Enright

Dock volunteers help with the flow of boat traffic for the races on the Lee's Park side of the regatta. We announce the races, check the boats as they line up to launch, assist with launching and docking as needed and maintain a pedestrian free area for the athletes to launch and return after races.  Experience with the boats/docks is wonderful but not necessary!  We will train you. (Lee’s Park Side)

Parking - Regatta   Contact: David Fragomeni

Flexible shifts and a growing crew.  A key component of regatta managment helping with crowd control  - people and vehicles!  Many different types of jobs if you like to work with directing pedestrian traffic or parking cars in the back lots we have a spot for you.  Shifts throughout the day, some starting very early for those of you who are early birds!  (Lee’s Park Side)

Clean up Crew (Green Team!)   Crew Chief: Patrick Crowley

Our job is to encourage recycling and manage the garbage and recycling at the regatta site.  We generally work in teams of two, using a motorized cart, and we are always able to stop working to watch and cheer for races.  We need workers who are willing to get a little dirty and are able to communicate in a friendly but assertive way with visiting teams.  (Lee’s Park Side)

Registration/Information   Crew Chief: Annamaria Bellatoni

Assist with team packet preparation, prepare bow numbers, check waivers, staff booth Friday pm and Saturday am.  A couple of people staff the info table with basic information on races --event schedule, crew chiefs, diagram of site, Saratoga Springs, and contact numbers for key regatta staff.  (Lee’s Park Side)

Awards & Medals    Crew Chief: Michele Young

Prepare trophies and medals in advance of races; staff awards table during races and hand out appropriate awards to winners.  (Lee’s Park Side)

Food Tent   Crew Chief: Liz Zwickle 

Set up tent and equipment, prepare food and staff food tent during regattas.  Shoppers needed to shop during the week. Deliver food to on-water and off site volunteers and officials.  People willing to clean up, breakdown tent and equipment and wash dishes AFTER regattas are always needed. (SRA Side)

Site Setup-Regatta  Contact: Sarah Tinsley

Mainly few days before regattas (week day) to help set up areas for parking/porta-potty, secure tents and spaces, establish EMS locations, site maps for teams and websites, work with dock masters for staging area.  Help setting up signs and regatta communications. 

Parking Lot at SRA    Crew Chief: Janet Lilley

Keep on eye on the SRA parking lot.  Limited parking in SRA lot, direct cars to drop kids off and park over at Lee’s Park or street parking.  Bring a chair, a hat….and a book to read or a friend to chat with! 


Volunteer Opportunities – Non-Regatta 

Non-Regatta Fundraising   Contact: Katherine Smith

Many volunteers needed to work on the Silent Auction held in early spring as well as smaller fundraisers throughout the year.  There will also be a fundraising admin info meeting TUESDAY September 12th @ 6:30 pm

Non-Regatta Landscaping   Contact: Sarah Tinsley

Help maintain the grounds during the spring, summer and fall.  Raking, weeding, planting flowers.

Non-Regatta Building Projects   Contact: Katherine Smith

Non-Regatta Boathouse Maintenance Contact: Sarah Tinsley

Non-Regatta Vehicle & Motorboat Maintenance  Contact: Sarah Tinsley


FOR VOLUNTEER QUESTIONS please contact the crew chiefs directly or SRA Volunteer Coordinator Katherine Smith