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Welcome Teams!  Team tent sites and bus parking for the Tail of the Fish will be a line item in the registration for the race - on Streamline Rowing.  The sites will be assigned by Saratoga Rowing Association and there is a limited number of sites available.  A map, with the assigned sites, will be posted on the Wednesday prior to the race under "Maps & Pics". 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Susan Pruiksma, Business Manager, at 518-587-6697 or by email:


The Security will not allow anyone onsite until the Parking guys are there.  There will parking guys there at 5:30am.  Parking is $15.  Sorry for the increase.  The property is private and the fee goes to the owners.  To be fair, this is the first time in 10 years they have raised it.  As crazy as it sounds, going to $12 and counting out singles all day would bring the Sheriff down on me quite hard....because traffic would be backed up for 40 miles!!  As it is, it will be backed up in the morning to the Northway Exit 14.  Be aware of this delay.  Most of you come every year, so will not be surprised I'm sure.  Please notice the map: Vehicles (other than buses and Boat Trailers) will go PAST the Boat Launch opening and turn left immediately after the blue building.   It is a one-way entrance.  Park where you are told.  I will have a tow truck there to TOW anyone who attempts to sneak down and park closer to the water.  Every year I waste time/energy/stress on these people.  Please let your people know they cannot park by the water. 
Tow Vehicles:
For those trailers on Lee's Park Lot #2, your truck can stay with the trailer.  It has to be the actual Tow Vehicle though, not some dad with an SUV that says he is the coach.  For those teams on the Boat Launch, space will be tight.  We have set aside the green space along the chain-link fence between Lee's Park and the BLaunch.  They will be close.  Teams on the Launch will get a box to operate out of.  It is doubtful, you will want to use up the space with your truck.  Again, ONLY Tow Vehicles should be parking in this area.  Others will be towed.
Those athletes bringing their singles via Car-Top will set up just past the Lee's Park opening/entrance on the front lawn.  Please leave this lawn neat when you leave.
Food Tents/Trailers:
Teams that have signed up for Food Tents will be assigned tent spaces.  These spaces are spray-painted in yellow/orange.  Everything inside the box is yours, you may NOT have anything outside the box.  Food Trailers are included in this.  On the venue map, you will see spots to park emptied food trailers along the woods line.  NO, absolutely NO vehicles can be near waterfront.  Coaches, PLEASE make this clear to your parents.  Teams will need to bring their own hay if they want it.  There are 10 dumpsters onsite.  Please may sure your trash finds one of them.  Thanks in advance.  Food tents on Saturday need to be out by 5pm, so that Sunday teams can get in and set their tents up.  Thanks for the cooperation in advance.
Buses enter the site through the traditional entrance. They will travel back to the old "back trailer lot" and around up to the ditch (where the porto potties are).  Drop-Off is there.  They can then follow the road back out of the site.  Most buses choose not to stay as either they don't have the hours to be on-the-clock, or they hate they thought of getting their buses stuck, or worse, dirty.  Those that choose to stay, can in the designated area.  Those that want to go nearby, can go to the Racino: .  Directions are on that link.  It's about 3 miles away.  There is a black-topped parking lot along Nelson Ave that can hold many buses.  I think many of the drivers already spend their downtime here already.  Pickup is the same scenario for traffic pattern.